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Indoor Games


Basket Ball Court

Sports Facilities

Sports play an important role in shaping up the personality and fitness of a person and to give a truly global experience to all the students living in JGLS, a sports environment matching global standards is provided to them at the campus. Since its establishment in October 2009, the JGU Sports Society has played an integral part of student and faculty life. Being a completely residential campus, it is important that there is a wide variety of sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit. The society seeks to expand in the coming years and provide support to every individual to pursue the sport of his/her choice. Also, the Society is taking initiatives to conduct an inter-college tournament in the future, apart from selection and training of teams for various sports to represent JGU.

Past Activities

JGU participated in ‘Invicta’, a Sports tournament held by NUJS in Kolkata in March 2010, and achieved First position in Women’s Table tennis and Third position in Long Jump and Triple Jump. The Society also conducted basketball matches with the Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, which is one of the most prestigious sports schools in India. JGU has also collaborated with the Sports School to use their facilities, apart from having conducted a Cricket match between the JGLS faculty and the Sonipat District officials.


The sports department is regular in sending the university teams to various sports tournaments and matches. The department recently organized the First O.P. Jindal Intramurals Tournament that gave all the students on campus to showcase their skills. The action packed six days of the tournament witnessed various games such as - Cricket (boys), Football (boys),Lawn Tennis (Boys & Girls), Basketball (boys & Girls),Table Tennis (Boys and Girls),Badminton (Boys and Girls) ,Volley Ball (mixed). The event had more than 145 students participating and a great talent and potential was witnessed in the students of JGLS. 


Lawn Tennis

There are two clay courts and two synthetic courts which have the “U.S. Open Deco Turf” as the playing surface.  Students are drawn to this game and the budding Rafael Nadals and Serena Williams flock the courts during evenings where they are trained under the guidance of a dedicated tennis coach. The courts are supported by 16 floodlights that make playing at night possible and players are often seen practicing well after dark.


Being one of the most popular sports on campus, basket-ball is played by a large number of students in the evenings. The basket-ball court is located amidst the student housing and girls-boys are seen playing in the evenings with their friends cheering them. The 6’6” basketball coach and the sports department keep organizing various clinics to help the budding players. The first such clinic was held on 27th January, 2011 under the supervision on an ex-international basketball player.
Keeping in mind the response of the students to the sport, the university plans to build an indoor basketball court for the students soon.


Another favorite of the students at JGLS, football lives upto its reputation of being a widely played and followed sport in the world. The JGLS boasts of a great football team that consists of various national players who have participated in various tournaments in the country. The dedicated football coach is often seen training his team with various equipments like ladder, cones etc. in the evenings. The university has a football ground with lush green grass and a helipad as a neighbor!
Football is widely followed on campus and the student common room remains flooded by students during match days with students cheering their teams with hooters, painted faces and team jerseys.


Being the first game established in JGU, badminton is widely played here.  The badminton court is located in the student housing and being supported with floodlights, it is always full of players and their cheering friends. The JGLS team consists of various talented players who are national champions and they are trained by a dedicated badminton coach. JGLS badminton teams have been participating in tournaments all over the country. Currently, the university is in progress of making four wooden indoor courts.


It is a religion in India and JGLS is no different. The cricket crazy fans of JGLS are always eager to play on the regular weekend matches that witness the faculty and the students playing together. The infrastructure related to the game includes a cricket ground with natural turf pitches and synthetic cricket practice pitches that are floodlit. Matches between seniors and juniors are regular and the dedicated cricket coach is in process of training a great potential cricket team.
Match days witness jam packed common room with students cheering every run and wicket taken.


Volleyball has been recently introduced after the construction of the volley ball court. Regular practice sessions have been started by the dedicated coach and a great response has been given by girls and boys. 

Indoor Games in the Common Room

The common room is a big area which is located in the academic block and witnesses students playing quick indoor games during their class breaks and after dinner time. The common room has a great pool table and two international class T.T. tables. In addition to this, apparatus for carom and chess are also available. 


The physical education department consists of various trained and highly qualified staff that helps students maintain their fitness and excel in sports. The department is headed by Dr. Varun Nijhawan, who is a specialist in cricket and judo and has been awarded fellowships from UGC and SAI. Dr. Nijhawan holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Physical Education and Management and M. Phil and Ph.D. in sports. 

Mr. Sudhir, the volleyball and basketball coach, Ms. Rashmi, the aerobics and badminton coach, Mr. Neeraj, the football coach and Mr. Deepak, the tennis coach are dedicated and hard working coaches who train and nurture some of the best sporting talents in the country.