National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) awards O.P. Jindal Global University the highest Grade A 

IT Resources

IT Resources


Internet in JGU is a state-of-the-art facility provided by Wi-Fi network at all corners of the academic block and student housing. The service has been provided using best and latest Network equipment’s and Servers from Cisco, Aruba, Dell, and IBM. Internet connectivity is from two major service providers in region to have 24*7 connectivity. Special efforts from major corporate houses in the country:

  • Wipro –Backed by their strong quality processes and rich experience with best of technology partners, Wipro is the leading strategic IT partner of the University. Wipro has laid down the entire architecture of the Network and voice cable wiring throughout the campus. The Wi-Fi system solutions have been set up by Wipro. The server systems, network hardware, firewall, switches and routers are all supplied, commissioned and implemented by Wipro team.
  • Reliance – Reliance is acting as one of our Communication Service Providers. To facilitate its connectivity the team from Reliance has installed micro-wave towers for uninterrupted service.
  • AIRTEL – Our main Internet link is through Airtel service provider with multiple Radio connectivity.
  • Vodafone – Since dependence on one Service Provider is not recommended for ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, we have Vodafone as another major telecom player providing us Communication & Internet connectivity. They have installed a major setup at JGU for better service and connectivity.

Entire Campus including student housing, faculty housing and the academic block – which houses classrooms, library, faculty offices, administrative office, health center, gym, café, ATM etc. – is wireless enabled. Faculty, Staff and Students can use internet anywhere in campus using Wi-Fi services. 


All faculty and staff members have been provided by an individual laptop of a very premium configuration that will suit all their needs and requirements. These laptops are products of Dell & Lenovo. The on-site support ensures that any problem encountered in the laptop will be rectified by Dell/Lenovo engineers, who will arrive at the campus itself.


All faculty members and staff have landline connection. This facility is being provided through Reliance. Internal calls are free


All faculty members and staff have mobile connection. This facility is being provided through Vodafone. Internal calls are free.


HDFC Bank has set up its ATM in the campus. This ATM is captive in nature and is prohibited to be used by outsiders. This way, University has maintained its exclusivity in provision of services to students, faculty and staff. The Bank is also going to set up a branch office here after the RBI approval. Till such date, there shall be a Bank desk, where all transactions can be routed through a personnel deployed by the Bank who will routinely visit the campus to collect orders and submit deliveries, if any. 


The University is equipped with all modern technologies in all classrooms and auditoriums for audio and video systems through Wipro and Business Octane. All classrooms are equipped with speakers, collar microphones for teachers and projector with screen. There are several auditoriums and public lecture halls which have been equipped with a high fidelity video screen with back projection, speakers and microphones. The auditoriums and conference rooms also have Video Conferencing feature using Polycom devices.


The lift area at each floor has the centrally controlled Event Display Units from Samsung.